Space to succeed

Rathmhor's motivation is your success. No more, no less.
Driven by a desire to help others develop their skills to hit their challenging goals.
To bring out the best in an individual or a team.


About Rathmhor

Translated from Gaelic, rathmhor means “successful”. The primary focus of this energetic business is your success. The seed of the idea for Rathmhor has been growing persistently for several years. From around the turn of the millennium, founder, Campbell Ford, has increasingly been applying principles of professional development within the landscape of IT services roles with a major consulting business.

Then, in the summer of 2012, an opportunity was presented to establish an independent business with the support and development of others at its heart.

You can see that Rathmhor’s success will be driven directly by your own. So it is firmly in our interest to deliver our very best for you. We would love the opportunity to try.

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