Anything from simple facilitation to structured team coaching.



How does it work?

Teams are created for a reason. To achieve success - where the results are worth more than simply the activities of a set of individuals.

But teams can become heavily invested in their activities and lose sight of that exciting, original shared goal. Or of the consistent processes which made it such a coherent and successful team at the outset. Or of the blend of capabilities and personalities which the Belbin Team Role theory tells us every team needs.

Alternatively, a team can be functioning very successfully...but might face fresh challenges of transformation through downsizing, growth, changes in focus, changes in market or corporate name just a few.

An independent viewpoint and catalyst can stay above the agendas, the hangups, the analysis paralysis. Facilitation or team coaching from Rathmhor can be delivered as a one-off or a series. In all sessions, team members are treated equally – and that includes the leader. Everyone is given a voice. Facts and outcomes are captured and played back as session summaries. Your team is encouraged to work together without the normal boundaries of the office, workshop, factory or wherever the “day to day” normally is.

How will we benefit?

  1. Tackling big challenges in a space without judgement, prejudice or fear
  2. Setting an achievable yet ambitious action plan for your team
  3. Taking inspired responsibility for your team's success
  4. Identifying new ways to get more from every unique player – including Virtual Team consultancy
  5. Supporting every player to see more clearly what's in it for them


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