1-to-1 Coaching

A powerful process which allows an individual, a team or organisation to unlock potential through self awareness and action.


How does it work?

Your coach works with you in sessions of one hour duration (usually).

A coaching session is intended to be a supportive, encouraging, enquiring, challenging and rewarding space. Oriented entirely towards you, the coachee. Your coach will...

At the initial (intake) session, time is spent getting to know you a little, your traits, your learning styles, your aspirations for this new coaching relationship. This unique first session is usually scheduled for an hour and a half.

Coaching can be applied to a wide spectrum of situations. Before and after a promotion, startup of a new project, career planning, redundancy and outplacement, training for a marathon – the only limit is your imagination.

How will I benefit?

  1. Tackling big challenges in a space without judgement, prejudice or fear
  2. Setting an achievable yet ambitious action plan
  3. Taking inspired responsibility for your own success


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